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Embracing your Real ‘Selfie’

There was a time many moons ago when women were revered, honoured and worshipped.  Their feminine cyclical ways aligned with the natural cycles of life and a woman’s movement through the different phases of menstrual life were celebrated. Goddesses and Deities adorned homes, places of work and worship and in many cultures today the Goddess is still alive and flourishing.

In the Western world our current versions of the Goddess or more accurately now experienced as ‘role models’ and coupled with the birth of the ‘selfie’, women continue to focus on the immediate gratification of looking good on the outside.  Yet how many of us truly feel that sense of ‘beauty’ on the inside?  In a culture that still places so much significance on outward appearance it is unsurprising that we seek and aspire to be someone other than our own unique divine selves.

In a world that has gone ‘selfie’ crazy the focus remains on our outward appearance and comparisons will often be the result. With so many goddess and god like figures running through our social media feeds inadequacy and failure can overwhelm and set us up for feeling whatever we do we will never be as spectacular as them. Of course most of us already know that there is the fabulous insta life and then the non insta life that usually ain’t so fabulous the day to day humdrum that we all experience but don’t document for the world to see.

For a while there it felt like we were finally shunning the tabloids and tittle-tattle that displayed endless photoshopped images of celebs only to find us doing the modern day equivalent to ourselves. With filters on over drive, dimming, highlighting, removing, adding various aspects that we either love or dislike about ourselves sharing our true authentic selves remains the domain of only a few brave souls. It takes time to tap into our truth, our inner goddess and then it takes courage to share it with others.

Living the Luna Life is all about arming you with the tools to keep you well connected with the goddess within for it is from this place that we gather the insights, wisdom and grace that is so very much needed to make a real and profound difference to the world and life on the outside. An inside job well done equals extra awesomeness to be enjoyed by all on the outside. We allow more and more our female intuition to guide and influence decisions and choices made on the outside that help shape our day to day lives.

As we embrace the Goddess within, we reassure and reaffirm an inner knowing that we are, already, the Goddess we seek.

How can I focus more on my inner selfie?

Here we share one gorgeous way to begin reconnecting with your inner goddess.

Less time aspiring to be someone else = more time for adoring yourself

Less time ‘liking’ someone else’s news feed = more time loving up yourself

Less time throwing pity parties for what’s not working in life = more time thanking and giving gratitude for all that is working just beautifully

Less time seeking the opinion of others = more time asking for guidance from whatever or from whomever you connect to in the great cosmos above

Less time giving too much of yourself and spreading yourself wafer thin = more time to receive good doses of TLC from your nearest and dearest.

In a gorgeous little nutshell that equates to A L T A R:






This expression of an altar is in celebration of YOU, creating a space and place for you to honour, on a regular basis, the Goddess that resides within you.

Creating your Goddess Altar

  • Find a beautiful mirror and place this in the centre of your altar, in doing so, you will always be the focus and centre piece of your practice in honouring yourself.
  • Your altar can be inside or outside or both!
  • Have each element and direction represented on your altar with one or a mix of the items listed:
    Earth (North facing)– rock, crystals, precious stones, sand. North facing Earth also includes salt and the colours black, brown, green.
    Air (East facing)– feather, incense. East facing Air also includes topaz and the colour white, pale yellow and pale blue.
    Fire (South facing)– candle.  South facing Fire also includes the precious stone ruby and the colours red, gold, crimson, orange.
    Water (West facing)– cup, water vase, sea shells, dolphins and mermaids, your mirror is considered a water element also. West facing Water also includes aquamarine and the colours black, indigo, grey, green, blue, aqua.
  • If there is a particular Goddess that holds special meaning to you and embodies the values you hold dear, you can add, to the centre of your altar, anything that represents her.  You may like to include ‘Vesta’ the Roman Goddess of the home. For more on Goddess have a little look at this post.
  • Keeping a set of affirmation cards next to your altar will help keep you connected on a daily basis.  One of our favourite sets is the Aboriginal Goddess Chakra Cards.

Altar Etiquette

Your altar is sacred.

To touch anything on another’s altar is considered bad manners.

Keep it clean and attend to it daily.  The beautiful appearance of your altar symbolises the respect and love you have for yourself.

Your altar is abundant with all things positive and gorgeous.  There is no room for self criticism or self judgement.

Tag #livingthelunalifealtar on your social media so we can see pics of all your  fabulous ALTARS selfie free, unless a friend takes the pic for you!), so tag #livingthelunalifealtar .


One final musing….

Why not use the arm that extends itself ready to take a selfie and use it to reach out and pull in your favourite humans for a big hug and have someone else take a pic of that much more telling and connected snap shot in time.

© 2018 Danielle Rickwood

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