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Co-hosted with yoga teacher, Ayurvedic consultant and illustrator – Aimee Stapleford 

Date: Sunday 3rd May

Time: 10am – 5pm

Place: Gwill’s Yoga, Lane, Newquay Cornwall UK

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More info on Living the Luna Life Workshops below

Join Danielle at one of her gorgeous ‘getaways’ lovingly created so that you may experience more and more the magical effects of cycling along the more scenic routes in life rather than simply just following the straight and narrow path…

These retreats and workshops have been inspired from over a decade of working in women’s health and wellness. So many women have been discovering the gift of re-connecting with the magic of their menstrual cycle and how to work and play with the ebb and flow of their menstrual month.

In doing so more and more women are finding that this a super easy way to practice some good old fashion self care that they are perhaps are already doing but did not realise that there are optimal times in the cycle to do them.

Learning how to navigate the inner seasons of your cycle is a total game changer and these retreats and workshops load your bicycle basket up with all the practical tips, insights and experiences to keep you pedalling along a more moonlit path.

Who are these ‘getaways’ designed for?

Ultimately these gorgeous ‘getaways’ will resonate most with any lovely lady looking to repair her cycle or her relationship to her cycle particularly perfect for:

  • Any woman suffering with menstrual health issues looking for natural simple ways to support herself through her cycle.  Common reproductive health issues include painful periods, no periods at all, preparing for pregnancy, fertility issues and much much more.
  • Any woman simply wanting to discover ways to connect more deeply with herself, the world around and the world within her.

What will I come away with?

  • Tools to help get on top of common women’s health issues
  • A deeper understanding of how to take greater care of yourself through each season so that you may glide through your own cycle with ease, style and grace…
  • A happy uterus, joyful ovaries and fun loving fallopian tubes
  • The ability to look inward rather than outward for the answers
  • Some wonderful connections with like minded souls

What might happen if I don’t join you all?

Not much at all, and where’s the fun in that?! Without the connection and understanding that these workshops nurture all those female complaints will remain on their own spin cycle going round and round….

Can I bring some lovely ladies with me?

Absolutely!  Please share with any women in your life that could benefit from learning more about how to take great care of themselves throughout their entire cycle. Especially sisters, mums, aunts (ones called Flow in particular), work friends, school friends, uni friends, clients, patients, friends, girlfriends, wives, daughters.

How can I book and find out more?

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Living the Luna Life Retreats

These retreats have been created to help any woman who has been struggling to fully claim back a beautiful happy and healthy belly.

International practitioner Danielle Rickwood provides a nurturing fusion of natural modalities and principles of healing designed to restore a blissful bond with you and your belly. For those who are already enjoying a deeper connection with their belly, many have shared that this has been the missing piece in the puzzle when all other routes via other natural and medical approaches had been exhausted.

Living the Luna Life™ Retreats range from 3-5 days and have been enjoyed in Canada, Morocco, Hawaii and Australia thus far. More retreats coming soon. To be the first to know please join the mailing list at the bottom of the page.

Living the Luna Life Workshops

Cyclical Living Workshops

Join us as we embark on a lovely ‘Tour de Luna Love’ cycling through the inner seasons of our menstrual cycle discovering how to harness the power and the magical gifts found in each season. Discover your Wonder WOMBan super powers!

“Your workshop took me deeply into an area of my body which I had not consciously explored before. I was able to be more present with my own pain and through that experience transform it.”

“These playshops are fun and informative and not like work at all so it seems a little strange to call them workshops.”

“I walked away with a whole new attitude towards my belly and my menstrual cycle. I am now on the path to mending my relationship with both of them and showing them some love.”

“I already feel reconnected with my belly and I know that I have to make more time to nurture my belly. The seasons to match my cycle makes perfect sense.”

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