Going with the Flow

When you are Living a Luna Life, life feels in balance as you find a little more yin to the yang, a little more roundness and flow to the straightness and preciseness.

You embrace the human ‘being’ part a little more alongside the human doing. Intuition gets equal airtime to cognitive thinking and just like when Harry met Sally and Fred danced with Ginger, you’ll desire more and more the need to marry both your innate feminine and masculine qualities softening where you need to in life so that it feels harmonious and gorgeous more often than not.

It’s not about shutting down and blocking out the more masculine attributes of our lives. It’s about embracing the more feminine aspects of ourselves and the world around us and honouring our more cyclical ways. So if you have been walking the straight and narrow for too long dive into the flow of the more watery lunar aspects of yourself – creativity, femininity, intuition, connection, mother energy and so the list flows…

United we grow, together we flourish

Living a more Luna inspired life has offered more balance, more peace, more harmony in balancing the two polar opposites yet complementary partners of lunar energy and vibes and solar energy and vibes. Who would not want a little more of that in their life?! And to be honest, the planet, our communities both local and global, are crying out for all these loving, gentle, yet powerful experiences.

Happy cycle

A happy healthy cycle equals a happy healthy you

Many a fair maiden have been finding their way back to living a life more in tune with the natural rhythms and cycles of life. As the saying goes ‘Life grows, where energy flows’. Living a luna life offers us a way to connect back in to the natural rhythms and cycles via our very own little mode of transport – the menstrual cycle.

Now some of us may be in need of some cycle repairs showing up as a reproductive health issue, or perhaps others of us are in need of a little help removing the training wheels as we start to navigate this cyclical journey. Then there are those who love nothing more than jumping on that cycle and discovering new and exciting paths to explore.

Wherever you find yourself in your menstrual life, Living the Luna Life™ is kinda like an internal GPS guiding you along a more moonlit cycle path as you learn to navigate the bends, uphill struggles, downhill moments of your menstrual month. So with your feet off the pedals and legs akimbo, wrap your little hands around the handlebars and enjoy the ride as we fill your menstrual month up with all sorts of inspiring helpful stuff that will restore and nurture a life long friendship with you and your more feminine womanly ways!

Founder & Creator

Living the Luna Life and sharing the Luna Love is…

Danielle Rickwood

Moon Sign: Scorpio

Sun Sign: Leo

Danielle is the founder and creator of Living the Luna Life™ which began its journey over a decade ago when she began running Luna inspired events that helped women connect into the magic of both the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle via yoga, meditation and healing. She has spent 15 years working in women’s health and wellness and is a qualified nutritional therapist, reflexologist and reproflexologist, Reiki practitioner and certified Arvigo practitioner trained in The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®. She has just launched her first online program that is establishing PEACEFUL PERIODS as the ‘New Normal’. She is incredibly proud of her collaborations with some incredibly gifted and creative beings that now sees a gorgeous range of products hand made with love all designed to deepen our connection with our cyclical womanly ways.

After not really feeling very ‘Leo’ apart from a big blonde mane of hair and a penchant for animal prints she began to consider that the Sun was not the only planet sitting in a certain zodiac sign at the time of her birth. The Moon was somewhere out there too and when she found it was stationed in the sign of Scorpio the moment she entered the world everything began to feel slightly more in sync. A deep feeler and with a love of personal transformation and growth, a Scorpion moon felt like a missing piece of the puzzle. More on Moon Signs with a click here.


Luna Luminaries

The shiny happy faces you see here are the wonderful teachers and mentors who continue to shine their light on this moonlit journey.

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