Moon and Sun Attributes

What’s your current vibe?

The seeds of new life, new ideas begin within the female form. Whether we are creating little humans or nurturing creative ideas, our roles as women are taking centre stage in the world right now. Our work is only just beginning and it starts with looking at how we connect to our feminine attributes and our cyclical nature.

We all have masculine and feminine attributes that when in balance we get to enjoy what each of these complimentary energies offer. A great indication of being out of balance is where we place too much focus on one way of being / thinking. For many we sit far too left field or far too right field which can show up in areas of life such as relationship struggles as well as perhaps less well considered – our physical health. Danielle observes this frequently in her clinic as clients discover that their way of moving through life is causing upset and grievances internally as our female organs are forced into very linear masculine ways of living / thinking. If you would like to work with Danielle to bring clarity around a health issue click right here

Where do you stand?

What’s your current vibe and energy – more lunar or more solar or a nice little balance of the two? Share in the comments below 🙂

Key Characteristics:

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