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Moon Signs

Our sun sign very much throws its radiant rays on how we function on the outside, how the world at large views us and interacts with us. From deciding who to date and what sun sign resonates with your own to just trying to get a handle on your life, sun or star signs have often shone their bright light on the way forward.

Whilst newspapers, magazines, and astrology sources very much cater for those looking for info on their sun sign there ain’t much out there in the way of moon sign info probably because most of us wouldn’t know to look. Well all we can say is that if your sun sign doesn’t quite align with how you feel on the outside despite what’s going on on the outside then you’re probably gonna love the insights provided by knowing your moon sign.

Your emotional self is often a complex creature hidden away from the world unless it gets poked and prodded or far nicer things like loved and acknowledged. Simply knowing and acknowledging our sun sign means

Key Attributes of Moon Signs


Dynamic, pioneering, decisive, courageous, competitive, hot-headed, selfish, energetic, enterprising, impatient or impulsive.


Solid, strong, reliable, stubborn, possessive, sensual, habitual, practical, materialistic, determined, affectionate, obstinate, inflexible.


Talkative, knowledgeable, humorous, witty, amoral, adaptable, changeable, easily bored.


Emotional, caring, resourceful, sensitive, vulnerable, moody, needy, nurturing, intuitive.


Dramatic, creative, passionate, proud, honourable, generous, demanding, self centred, bossy, regal.


Discriminating, analytical, precise, critical, delicate, helpful, skilful.


Co-operative, fair, aesthetic, romantic, relationship centred, diplomatic, insincere, vain.


Intense, sexual, healing, psychic, penetrating, powerful, obsessive, vengeful, fearless, determined, idealistic, ambitious, secretive, suspicious, resentful, domineering.


Adventurous, free, enthusiastic, optimistic, philosophical, storytelling, crusading, hypocritical, Restless, irresponsible, tactless, broad vision / visionary, open minded.


Hard working, ambitious, responsible, serious, respectful, committed, dutiful, tough, lusty, rigid, pessimistic, patient, determined, sure footed, disciplined, worry wart.


Socially conscious, friendly, detached, unemotional, non-conformist, ideological, inventive, idealistic, tolerant, aloof, rigid, unpredictable, creative, funny.


Compassionate, kind, loving, sacrificial, slippery, escapist, idealistic, romantic, sensitive, soulful, spiritual, vague, loyal, indecisive, secretive, philanthropic, artistic.

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