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Promoting positive period experiences that are free from technology, apps and devices. This eco friendly planner is perfect for your lovely self or a daughter, friend, sister, partner looking to get to grips with her cycle whether it is to help with a health issue, to prepare for pregnancy or for a new and fun way to practice self care ♥

  • Earth Positive. Paper Source: 100% Recycled Paper. Printed using plant based oils
  • Hand sewn binding
  • Illuminating guides at both the end and the beginning to help you on your journey
  • Beautifully illustrated throughout
  • The calendar months and dates have been left open for you to fill in, to begin your journey whenever this little beauty finds its way to your bedroom, kitchen or office wall.
  • Stickers: 2 x sheets containing 192 stickers per sheet (48 of each of the 4 inner season icons)
  • FREE Cyclical Guide with every purchase – Yey! (check for the link at the bottom of your order emailed on purchase)
  • Percentage of sales from every online purchase from the Living the Luna Life™ range goes to helping projects and causes that play a positive role in supporting the environment and ending period poverty. ♧

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Pedal with ease through your menstrual month with this gorgeous planner – self care for all the inner seasons of your menstrual cycle!

Our calendar month allows us to plan activities and stay organised and very much reflects our human doing ‘ness’. Our menstrual month enables us to live cyclically and seasonally keeping us connected to a life that embraces more natural rhythms and energies that reflect our human being ‘ness’. By working these two calendars together within this monthly planner we can fully honour both our inner cyclical ways and our outer more linear day-to-day, week-to-week schedules and plans, helping to restore and maintain a life long connection to our inner world whilst enjoying all that life has to offer on the outside. So before you book up your day to day activities (holidays, social dates, yoga classes, romantic dates) use this planner to first mark up where you are in your menstrual month with the stickers provided – a new shoot for your inner spring phase, a flower for your inner summer phase, autumnal leaves for your inner autumn phase and a candle for your inner winter phase. There is a helpful summary at the back of the planner that will guide you through the changing phases of your menstrual month as well as links to other resources that will inspire and illuminate a more moonlit path ahead.

Wherever you find yourself in your menstrual journey, tuning into the shifting and changing needs that your cycle presents is an easy and effective way of supporting your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. The phases of our inner cycle very much reflect the seasons on the outside. Let nature be your guide as to how to best take care of yourself throughout your menstrual month. If you are not currently pedalling a menstrual cycle due to pregnancy, menopause or hysterectomy this planner can be used to track the movement and phases of the moon allowing cyclical and seasonal living to be enjoyed wherever and however you find yourself.

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10 reviews for Monthly Planner ♧

  1. Danielle (verified owner)

    It’s not only gorgeous (beautifully designed with hand stitching and no plastic or non recyclable materials), its also an incredible way of helping you plan your weeks through your menstrual cycle. “Our menstrual month enables us to live cyclically and seasonally keeping us connected to a life that embraces more natural rhythms and energies that reflect our human being ‘ness’.” Yes. Yes. Yes.
    Karen, Surrey UK

  2. Danielle (verified owner)

    Simple. Beautiful. What a treat!
    Kathryn, Surrey UK

  3. Danielle (verified owner)

    So helpful and so simple, I am loving living the luna life!
    Mandy, Melbourne

  4. Danielle (verified owner)

    My weeks are planned so differently now as I am more aware of how my previous planning was not supporting my health when it came to the changing needs of my menstrual cycle.
    Laura, Sydney

  5. Danielle (verified owner)

    Yay to the delivery of this lil parcel of magic!
    Abby, Cornwall UK

  6. Danielle (verified owner)

    Why are we not handed these out at School?! Would have saved me years of menstrual madness!
    Jo, Melbourne

  7. Helen

    As I hurtle towards the menopause I’m finding this diary really helpful. It helps me to understand why my body presents different symptoms at different times of the month. It also helps me plan my social diary more efficiently so I can rest more when my body needs it. I Love the illustrations and environmentally friendly ethos of the company.
    Helen, Hampshire UK

  8. Natalie

    It’s easy to tell that so much thought and honouring has gone into this lil planner right down to the printing and binding. It’s such a pleasure to use and helps me pay attention to my cycle in a whole new way. Thank you!!
    Natalie, Alice Springs Australia

  9. Kristen , Queensland, Australia

    I’m a tactile and visual person when it comes to using everyday diaries. So it’s no wonder I gravitate towards a beauty like this! They have an element of whimsy like kikki.K diaries I use to plan my life. To have a menstrual planner that isn’t ap based is great! Having a monthly layout makes for easy tracking of my cycle. I love the special touches – hand sewn binding, recycled paper, plant-based printing oils, gorgeous graphics and best of all the sweet little stickers. The stickers bring me back to my childhood sticker fetish. They also add a little ‘pretty’ to ‘that time of the month’ – what can be a trying at times. Wish I had this when I was planning my pregnancies!
    Kristen , Queensland, Australia

  10. Richard, UK (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say how great my girls and I have been finding your monthly planner.

    For me its been an absolutely brilliant way to bring up the conversation of periods in a really relaxed and informal way. As a father of 2 girls it was something I was slightly worried about but made the conversation so easy and comfortable for all of us. It’s something we now talk about very freely and has helped me with planning our outings in terms of when to take it more easy. I’m involved in the whole cycle and have a way better understanding of my daughters energy levels and feelings throughout the month. It’s incredibly easy to follow which has been great.
    Richard, Father to 2 daughters, UK

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