To infinity and beyond…

I use this visualisation personally and with clients. You may like to spend a few moments writing down your hearts desires and using them as a focus for the visualisation.

Close your eyes.
Place one hand on your heart, the other on your belly.

Take a few moments to slow and extend your breath in and out through the nose.

Feel the belly rise with the inhale and drop as you exhale.
Now picture in your mind’s eye the infinity symbol. ∞
See the middle point of the symbol sitting in your heart space. From that middle point see one loop of the symbol sitting in the belly space, the other loop in the head space.
Now, picture a soft ball of white light glowing in the heart space, the middle point of the symbol.

This ball of white light slowly begins to move from the heart space around the loop travelling into the belly space, sharing the hearts desires and picking up the vibes of gut intuition.

The ball of light then passes back through the middle point of the symbol sharing gut intuition with the heart space.

Feel the heart space lighten.

The ball of light now makes its way into the loop that sits in the head space, sharing the hearts desires and the gut feels with the head.

Feel the head space brighten as it becomes infused and enlightened. The head space now sets its compass to align its thoughts with the feelings of the gut and emotions of the heart.

The ball of light moves back around the loop back to the heart space sharing the plans being forged in the mind to bring the hearts desires to life and to honour gut feels and intuition.

Allow this loop to keep travelling for a few more rounds until you feel deep peace wash over you as the flow of life moves through you.

Words / Visualisation ©Danielle Rickwood.

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